Zain Kahn @heykahn · Mar 1, 2022
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10 Business Books That Will Change Your Life

I have a $100,000 business degree. But I've learned 10x more by reading books. 10 business books that will change your life:

• You can negotiate anything you want.
• The best negotiation tactic is to first offer the other side something they want.

• Money alone isn't enough to motivate us.
• We are most motivated when we can also achieve control and freedom.

• The most effective way to get rich is to learn how to build and sell a product.
• The only real test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.

• Habits compound to produce huge results.
• The best way to build habits is to make them easy, attractive and rewarding.

• Talent is overrated
• Grit ― the ability to persevere and overcome failure is the key to success.

• The best managers increase the productivity of their team.
• They achieve this through effective training and motivation.

• Persuasion is a skill anyone can learn.
• The 7 key tactics of persuasion: liking, social proof, commitment, scarcity, authority, reciprocation and consistency.

• The best businesses focus on building something new instead of competing.
• These businesses are built on secrets very few people at the time understand.

• Momentum is the best predictor of career success.
• The highest achievers focus on doing a small number of things extremely well.

• We become more successful when we are happier, not the other way around.
• Happiness comes from the realization that we have the potential to change ourselves.