How we boot-strapped $10,000 at @my_obvi & built it to $30,000,000 in just under 3 Years

💵 Profitably
🚫No VC money
🚫No Equity Dilution

AMA & please provide feedback, we’re still on our journey to $100m & learning

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My first 🧵👇🏻
Leadership role can be OVERWHELMING.

You get tasked with leading and building a team

And have little to no idea where to begin.

I've been in an executive position for 6+ years

Here's a cheat sheet to help you lead better
Hubspot, @stripe and JP Morgan Chase all acquired similar companies recently


Yup - Tech and financial services are looking to buy media companies and communities

And this type of M&A is going to accelerate


In 6 letters, the answer is LTVCAC

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