Leadership role can be OVERWHELMING.

You get tasked with leading and building a team

And have little to no idea where to begin.

I've been in an executive position for 6+ years

Here's a cheat sheet to help you lead better
1/ Build a vision

Define where you want the company to be in 10 years

Make the plan to reach there

Decide the result/outcome you expect
2/ Describe your vision

Define your vision to your CEO

Describe HOW and WHY it is important

Communicate the result
3/ Break vision into tasks

Create a roadmap, describe how you'll get there

Break it into smaller tasks

Define metrics for every task
4/ Delegate the tasks

Find the right people to help you achieve the goal

Hire new people if needed

Train and help them achieve the tasks
5/ Keep the track

Make sure you are getting the decided metric for every task

Create a strategy to achieve every task

Identify the mistake and iterate
6/ Create systems and processes

Break down each activity according to the process, tools, people, and strategies

Monitor the performance

Evaluate and improve
7/ Listen and Communicate Effectively

Focus on one-on-one communication

Over-communication can be micro-managing

Under-communication can lead to low motivation
8/ Develop company culture

Culture is the foundation of every organization

Lay and embed the values on how it works

Appreciate the people who maintain the culture
9/ Celebrate wins

Closely analyze the wins

Write down why and what made it happen

At last, celebrate small wind to motivate the team
10/ Focus on constructive feedback

State the purpose of your feedback

Make it Goal-directed, provide an understanding of what is expected

Be Positive. Recognition is important!
11/ Understand weaknesses and strengths

Work on the weakness and double down on strength

Start with a SWOT analysis

Match yourself against the competition
12/ Double down on Strengths

Find your specific area of strength of your company

Sharpen it until your skill in it stands out

And no one can come close to you in that particular area
13/ Zoom out

Reflect on a significant event each week using these questions:

a) what was the situation?
b) what was my role?
c) what am I learning?
d) how will I apply my insights going forward?
14/ Keep a checklist

Make short term goals and long term goals

Continue both parallelly

Cancel the things that are not contributing to the growth
15/ Motivate your team

A leader is nothing without the team

Happy team = More productive

Reward Your own wins
16/ Be Self aware

Good management starts with managing yourself

Be aware of your vulnerabilities

Work on yourself consistently
That's all guys

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