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Legendary Books on Marketing, Positioning and Copywriting

The average tuition for an MBA comes to $60,000 per year. That means you're $120,000 in debt... ...before you begin your business journey! Or, you could spend less than $250 and read these 8 legendary books on marketing, positioning, and copywriting:

Category Kings win 76% of the category economics.

Everyone else fights over the remaining 24%.

You cannot be a legendary marketer in today's day and age without understanding Category Design.

The best way to grow your business isn't "more customers."

It's more Superconsumers.

Supers spend 30-70%+ more than the average consumer, and buy more products/services more often.

Win them, and you win the game.

One of the most timeless marketing books ever written, Positioning is the art of creating new space in the customer's mind for your product/service/offering.

No differentiated position, no meaningful company.

One of the first books to straddle the line between business and self-help.

This is a guide to communication, relationship-building, and creating your own definition for success.

The fact this book isn't required reading in MBA programs blows my mind.

In order to become successful, Hill says you must position your Chief Aim in your mind's eye.

And obsessively pursue it.

Curated wisdom from Silicon Valley investor & founder of AngelList, @naval, this is one of my favorite "business" books ever.

It is a guide for success while also acknowledging the flaws of the game.

Finally, before you graduate and enter "the real world," you should probably know...

Getting rich is easy.

Staying rich, and not behaving poorly with money, is the hard part.

The single most valuable skill you can have in the world today is the ability to communicate clearly, at scale.

Aka: writing online.