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I'm a Data consultant sharing secrets on how to enter and grow in the field of Data Science with guidance, knowledge and tips.
Data scientistπŸ’»πŸ€–| Jr MLE @OmdenaAI | @streamlit Ambassador | Content writer @ Analytics Vidhya | @kaggle Master | Simplifying DS/ML/DL, one thread at a time
ML Engineer β€’ YouTuber β€’ Building @c4ml_ | Breaking down machine learning and data science
Aspiring MLE. I post about useful stuff and memes. Creator at @assemblyai Your only limit is your mind. DM for Collaborations πŸ“©
✍️ Simplifying ML and NLP one thread at a time πŸ₯‘ Head of DevRel @tenstorrent πŸ“• Author of GPT-3 & Neural Search in production πŸ“© DMs open for collaboration
Python Programmer πŸ’»β€’ Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer πŸ“ˆ β€’ I'll help you to Learn Python + Machine Learning πŸ“© DM for Collaboration