Tools used by Data Analysts

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1. Python:

Codecademy: Introduction to Python -
Coursera: Python for Everybody -
edX: Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner -
2. R :

The R Project for Statistical Computing: Getting Started -
DataCamp: Introduction to R -
edX: Data Science Essentials in R -
3. SQL:

W3Schools: SQL Tutorial -
Mode: SQL Tutorial -
Udacity: SQL for Data Analysis -
4. Excel:

Microsoft: Excel for Windows training -
Excel Easy: Excel Tutorial -
Coursera: Excel Skills for Business -
5. Tableau:

Tableau: Tableau Training Videos -
Udacity: Data Visualization and D3.js -
Coursera: Data Visualization with Tableau -
6. Power BI:

Microsoft: Get started with Power BI -
Udemy: Microsoft Power BI - A Complete Introduction -
edX: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI -
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