One benefit you'll often hear from Central Bank Digital Currency advocates is how CBDCs will promote financial inclusion.

It sure sounds good - but this couldn't be further from the truth.

CBDCs would create more barriers to financial inclusion, not less. Allow me to explain.🧵

I truly believe #Bitcoin will SAVE 100 MILLION human lives in the 21st century alone.


-Could #BTC reduce starvation?
-Prevent (or cause) WW3?
-Hurt (or help) the environment?

Let’s dive into #BTC’s impact on the world and QUANTIFY IT

Ready?… (You aren’t.) 🤯
1/ Many goldbugs think #bitcoin is a “bubble” that will inevitably implode because its purchasing power doesn’t reflect any direct, non-monetary utility (such as industrial applications). These critics misunderstand crucial aspects of money.
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