I truly believe #Bitcoin will SAVE 100 MILLION human lives in the 21st century alone.


-Could #BTC reduce starvation?
-Prevent (or cause) WW3?
-Hurt (or help) the environment?

Let’s dive into #BTC’s impact on the world and QUANTIFY IT

Ready?… (You aren’t.) 🤯
#Bitcoin is a technological tool.

Like the printing press, fire, telegraph, silk, or the internet all tools have a direct impact on human prosperity.

A tool's wide adoption has incredible second or third order effects, we will explore #Bitcoin's potential positive impact.
First, it should be said that #Bitcoin has already saved thousands of lives.

Even though total adoption is <0.1% and we haven't felt a single global-order benefits yet, #Bitcoin is SAVING LIVES already and nobody can stop it.

Thank you Satoshi.
Second, let us look at some of the world's MOST pressing problems that Bitcoin has a potential to alleviate.

Let us start with the horrid reality of the starvation of children.

Over 3,100,000 children every year.

8,000 a day.
#Bitcoin is a designed to re-orient societal incentives back towards productivity and away from unproductive and inefficient food.

17%-40% of the world's food is wasted due to consumerism, gluttony, and inefficiency.

What if a sound money standard improved this statistic by 3%?
Take lead poisoning...

1 million people. Every year.
800 million IQ points are lost due to lead.

The presence of lead is a short-time horizon solution (look up Thomas Midgley), and #BTC could help us eradicate lead FASTER than we are today.

Completely preventable.
How many CURRENTLY ONGOING wars have higher death counts than the last 8yrs of the Russia/Ukraine conflict?...



5-8 million people.

Discrepancy for the 12 is large because we don't even have reliable data.

Most conflicts are in developing nations: easily overlooked.
Political currency units have an incentive to propagate "forever wars" for the empire of said currency to exert its global influence so it may export inflation to foreign countries.

If we take an AVERAGE of 700,000 annual deaths, how many would be saved under #BTC?
What about ongoing dictatorships?

What about the 100 million murdered in the 20th century from Communism?

What about preventing violent revolutions?

What about #Bitcoin preventing hyperinflation/recession events of the future?

EACH OF THESE deserve their own upcoming threads.
Nuclear war.

Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood, a nuclear war is NOT likely to kill everyone off in a radioactive ice age desert.

Still: infrastructure destroyed, cities leveled, mass famine.

500 million - 2 billion dead is easy guess, even though we have no idea.
As Nikola Tesla and Henry Ford BOTH predicted, the abstract power-projection applications of an immutable monetary ledger would have nations "fight" each other WITHOUT BLOODSHEED or physical violence.

What if #Bitcoin could reduce the probability of WW3 occurring?
After all, the nuclear bomb also changed the incentive structure of war...

As controversial as the bomb is, it has reduced the incentive for nations to have invasions dramatically.

#Bitcoin is the most important incentive adjustment to conflict since the bomb. This is good.
Let’s take the horrid assumption that nuclear conflict has 500,000,000 dead.

Let’s then assume #Bitcoin’s eventual global adoption reduces the likelihood of this event by 10%:

In my view, that’s a crude way of saying #BTC saves an AVERAGE of 50m lives in ALL possible scenarios.
Then what about the environment?

#Bitcoin is going CARBON NEGATIVE, reduces incentive to DESTROY the Amazon rain forest to mine gold, and greatly incentives reductions of extremely deadly air pollution.

Air pollution alone is 6 million every year. These are staggering numbers.
The true "unknown unknown" is how much #Bitcoin will steepen the curve of technological progress.

#BTC makes the advancement of every industry quicken.

What if we are on the edge of an invention that saves 1 million annually, and #Bitcoin brings it 5 years closer to us?
1,000,000 annually is CONSERVATIVE for life saving tech.

What if we discover a new treatment for cancer, or dementia 3 years earlier because of #BTC?

What if we figure out life-extension tech 10 yrs faster?

What if we quicken the advancement of nuclear fusion by 20% annually?
Now, will #Bitcoin bring humanity into utopia of perfect world peace and riches for all with no death or disease?


#Bitcoin does not bring us to perfection, but it is a tool that incentives humanity to strive closer via sound monetary and economic incentives.
Let's take the CURRENT RATE of these ongoing disasters and project them out into the remaining 77 years of the 21st century.

Then, let's take reasonable guesstimates of how much a hyper-#Bitcoin world could reduce these disasters' death tolls... Mostly 3%-5%:

It's staggering.
Perhaps we are being too optimistic.

Let's say #Bitcoin makes the world ONLY 1% more equitable, efficient, and prosperous.

That is still 18 MILLION people... 3x the Holocaust, or more than total death in WW1.

Even in HYPER-conservatism... #Bitcoin is URGENT.
However, what if we think even BIGGER?

#Bitcoin is the first reserve currency of earth that has zero system decay, due to it being a closed system.

What if #Bitcoin not only saves lives in this century, but EVERY FUTURE CENTURY?...
Could #Bitcoin save >500,000,000 per century?

There is NO WAY to know or accurately quantify the future positive impact #Bitcoin could have, but no matter how I plug in numbers, even conservative ones are just immensely heavy.

#Bitcoin is indescribably significant.
My estimates are probably wrong. My math might be off. That’s not the point.

The POINT is that the sum-total of human life SAVED by #Bitcoin’s success is nearly INCALCULABLE.

Longer you extend time horizon, only more absurdly important #Bitcoin is.

But there is more...
With #Bitcoin's success, that is not just LIVES saved but LIFE saved (aka time).

Less taxes, inflation theft, societal chaos, and time wasted trying to “outpace the market.”

With just 500 hours a year per adult (25% working hours)… that’s 2.5 TRILLION hours per year.
How much is 2.5 trillion man hours of excessive monetary-debasement waste?...

That’s 4 million LIFETIMES of working hours, EVERY YEAR.


Sounds crazy, but think how much time society wastes on fiat-mindset and outpacing the corruption of the ledger. It's insane.
If we plug that into our model for future centuries, it becomes absurd.

Even if #Bitcoin DOESN'T eradicate these ailments of humanity, but merely REDUCES them, that's 1 BILLION human lives.

Every. Single. Century.

Purely by changing the incentive structure of money.

What if via sound money less people crave additions like smoking, drugs, gambling, or consumerism?

Less sex trafficking, and child labor?

How many more parents can be present for their children?

How do we QUANTIFY the value of hundreds of millions of families healing?
You may hate #Bitcoin - but if this has a 1% chance of being true, why on earth would you wish for its death?

Makes you think… why on earth are so many in power bent on seeing #Bitcoin fail and giving it their best shot at killing it?

Money based on math and truth is GOOD.
What to do?…

Buy #Bitcoin to lower the probability of thermonuclear war.

Buy #Bitcoin to crash the price food, shelter, and medicine toward zero.

Buy #Bitcoin to force the marginal cost of energy production toward zero.

Buy #Bitcoin to defund the war machine and tyranny.
Buy #Bitcoin to reduce pollution.

Buy #Bitcoin to help families spend time together instead of chasing yields.

Buy #Bitcoin to reduce Amazon rainforest destruction.

Buy #Bitcoin to reduce friction of upward economic mobility.

Buy #Bitcoin to separate money from state.
Buy #Bitcoin like all the wealth you’ve ever made depends on it.

Buy #Bitcoin like your life depends on it.

Buy #Bitcoin like your children’s future depends on it.

Buy #Bitcoin like a billion people’s lives in 2300 depend on it.

EVEN IF IT DOESN'T, the odds are high enough.
There is a shockingly real possibility #Bitcoin saves MORE lives of unborn humans in the coming centuries than there are currently humans alive on the planet.

How is that for your "utility" FUD?

If #Bitcoin fails we may not get a second chance.
(For the nagging pessimists… Let’s say I’m off by 3,000x or so.

If #Bitcoin’s success could save a MERE 1,000,000 lives directly or indirectly, in the near or far future:

Would it be a cause worth fighting for?...

How many people have to die until #BTC is a high priority?)
#Bitcoin, truly, is beautiful.

While the outside world currently mocks for its "price" in garbage political currency units, they fail to realize they mock the most important humanitarian effort of the millennia.

Truly, #Bitcoin's optimism makes me weep.
If you STILL think I’ll “cash out” if/when #Bitcoin reaches "X" price… you dangerously underestimate my resolve.

I will die on this hill.

This is one of the most critical moments in human history, and any probability of failure can't be tolerated.


Thanks everyone for reading!

Please share this one... It must be known #Bitcoin is for #humanity and #forthekids...

Thanks @gladstein @adam3us @FossGregfoss @saylor @PrestonPysh @ThankGodForBTC @LawrenceLepard @JeffBooth @TomerStrolight @coryklippsten for spreading #BTC 🧡.
Also thanks to @IIICapital @knutsvanholm @maxkeiser @anilsaidso @w_s_bitcoin @DylanLeClair_ @jmbushwrites @AlexEpstein @hodlonaut @elonmusk @JasonPLowery and @halfin for their contributions to society, human progress, and #Bitcoin.

This is a mission. Your work is so important.
*Sources are too extensive... and many of the numbers used are extremely rough approximations of topics where there is dispute.

I listed the categories/numbers so you could DYOR and make your conclusions.

For me, this 100m number seems plausible... but do the math yourself.

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