1/ Very rough and speculative sketch of what I increasingly think happened at FTX as more info comes out…

The central question is where did the money go? Yes malfeasance and fraud is necessary, but at one point in the cycle cash actually has to go out the door
Emergent Microcosms 🌎💻

Time to think about snippets of computer code that can generate complex + delightful virtual worlds.

This playful approach to emergence—algorithms that can unfurl entire virtual universes—are essentially “Emergent Microcosms”

1/ On How To Effectively End Crypto (for decades)

A short thread

Simultaneously ban all fiat-to-crypto exchanges in USA and EU because (pick your excuse):
a) money laundering
b) terrorism
c) sanctions busting
d) inequality
THREAD 🧵 I see CBDCs are trending again, so I thought I would offer some insight and context to the whole story. How did this idea even come about? What are they good for? Are you getting the full picture? (I will probably keep adding to this thread as things evolve.)
Thread: I just went back to @TheStalwart & @tracyalloway 's "Odd Lots" podcast w/ARK Head of Research Brett Winton from Feb. All of their pods are great, but this interview was especially interesting in light of the stir ARK caused w/their last $TSLA report/price target in March
I want to talk about the aggressive, lazy, entitled antivaxxers like Joan and the impact they have on me.

This is Joan's 96th time in my mentions or replies since October!

She tweets obviously fake videos and paints me as a villain if I don't waste hours refuting them.

1/20 twitter.com/JoanieOC/status/1503181981684842501
When we say Kyiv is winning the information war, far too often we only mean information spaces we inhabit.

Pulling apart the most obvious RU info op to date (as we did using semantic modelling), very clear it is targeting BRICS, Africa, Asia. Not the West really at all.
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