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CEO/CIO @ 3⃣🏹💰 Three Arrows Capital Writing: @DeribitInsights w/ @deribitExchange https://t.co/9ck7KiLlUo w/ @hasufl
Independent Cryptocurrency Researcher Publishing with @zhusu at @DeribitInsights and https://t.co/wY04Xp7jAU Inquiries to hasu@uncommoncore.co or via DM
Investor in Web3/NFTs // Co-Founder of @CanaryLabs_xyz & @DegenzNFT // Artist on @SuperRare // Ex HY Trader at @Barclays // E-Mail: hello@canarylabs.xyz
Stocks/Options/Crypto/Market News + Tools. Not advice Premium/Support/Terms: http://unusualwhales.com Discord: http://bit.ly/3Bf2pNJ OS http://bit.ly/3k5Dbv9 Links: http://bit.ly/3V8D6Gb
Trader, Speculator, Bucketeer