Unpopular opinion:

There are apps you can get on your phone right now that are better at picking stocks and options trades than professional traders

Here's one that's absolutely killing it right now:
In 2023 Bull recs from @prospero_ai newsletter beat SPY 7/9 times by an AVG of 10%

After stellar 2022 where their CEO profited 53% on those picks vs. -.24% (SPY same period)

Linking full 22/23 results here. Read on to learn about their unique approach
Last 4 months they featured $BABA 2X BEFORE news shot the stock up

$1K on 1st Bull rec, sold on rec stop and re-bought the 2nd Bull mention

Would be $1,475 (+47.5%)

vs $1,077 (+7.7%) even with their help timing a great 1st entry

Without risky options, they help find big wins
Important to understand:

The app doesn't try to compete with multi-billion $ institutions

Because they can time the market better from outspending retail on tech and data

Instead, the app monitors exactly what these very institutions are betting on and against in real-time
Ex. 1 - $BABA:

Institutions made big bets on gains before most knew but Prospero was in front 2X

Net Options Sentiment >80 / Upside Breakout >80 were in consistent up trends landing it in both short and long term app recs

Making it easy/repeatable to find for the letter
Ex. 2 - $TSLA

Upside Breakout was >80 for over a year!

So, when Net Options Sentiment cleared higher lows consistently and stayed there, it made it similarly easy to identify/highlight in the newsletter

Just like the $BABA case above
Prospero's most popular signals: Upside Breakout, Downside Breakout and Net Options Sentiment

Are all derived from institutional bets in the options markets

In summary, they help you improve by showing you how institutions are trading
What is this App?

- Prospero -

Their aim: to empower everyday investors - you - with the data you need to make smarter decisions

The platform is powered by AI & community insights to give you hedge fund-level predictions on your stocks

Currently for FREE
My guidance is always to buy & hold and DCA all the way

Because no one can time the market... right?

Except, this app can. And does. On a regular basis.

So you'd be crazy NOT to take advantage of the AI revolution taking place before your eyes
The bottom line:

If you can use AI to get more work done, find ways of making money, and to create weird pictures

Why not also use it to help you make more money in the stock market?

Download the app here:
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