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Writing, Advising, and Investing | Previously Growth @ Airbnb, founder, engineer.
I'm a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, specializing in product teams and product strategy - former exec at eBay, Netscape and HP
CEO, Partner at Y Combinator
Author, lecturer, and investor known for the bestselling book, "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products".
🎤 @twentyminutevc, 🏦 @Stride_VC & @20vcfund, 😇 @superhuman @digits @roamresearch @fast @hopinofficial @revenuecat @nexhealth IG:hstebbings1996
early product mgr & first lead PM @stripe. product advisor. formerly @twitter @google @yahoo. my tweets are useful for some—useless for many—not for everyone ❤️