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Listen to Zero Knowledge on Spotify. Zero Knowledge is a podcast which goes deep into the tech that will power the emerging decentralised web and the community building this. Covering the latest in zero knowledge research and applications, the open web as well as future technologies and paradigms that promise to change the way we interact — and transact — with one another online. Zero Knowledge is hosted by Anna Rose Follow the show at @ZeroKnowledgefm (https://twitter.com/zeroknowledgefm) or @AnnaRRose (https://twitter.com/AnnaRRose) If you like the Zero Knowledge Podcast: Join us on Telegram (https://t.me/joinchat/TORo7aknkYNLHmCM) Support our Gitcoin Grant (https://gitcoin.co/grants/38/zero-knowledge-podcast) Support us on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/zeroknowledge) Or directly here: ETH: 0x4BF66E52f3009Cd138e48f142D47661037160001 BTC: 1cafekGa3podM4fBxPSQc6RCEXQNTK8Zz ZEC: t1R2bujRF3Hzte9ALHpMJvY8t5kb9ut9SpQ DOT: 14zPzb7ihiBeaUn9jdPW9cHKGBd9qtTuJE75hhW2CvzLh6rT
Building a portfolio of communities: 🌈 @RosielandHQ 👀 @indiependentHQ 🐞 @ministryoftest Community builder. Founder. Unschooler. 5x mother. #ActuallyAutistic
👋 Follow me to learn about Community + Business. 📘 Book: The Business of Belonging 🎧 Pod: Masters of Community 👨‍💻 Work: @CMX + @BevyHQ
Independent writer with a background in journalism. Overcame a difficult childhood to pursue education and career in writing.
American political scientist specializing in comparative politics. Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government. Developed influential two-level game theory and author of "Bowling Alone" and "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis". Fourth most frequently cited author on college syllabi for political science courses.
Co-founder & CEO of @CircleApp. Previously: VP of Product @teachable, @gumroad. DMs open!