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Born in Richmond, England to barrister John Paget Chancellor and the eldest son of Sir Christopher Chancellor and Mary Jolliffe. Comes from a Scottish gentry family with a long history of land ownership. Has a sister, Anna Chancellor, who is an actress.
International man of history. Author, broadcaster, @HooverInst senior fellow. Latest book is The Square and the Tower (Penguin, October 2017)
Ex hedge fund / prop desk. Hot takes on energy, tech, markets and politics. No investment advice intended or given. Credit guru. BBQ aficionado. http://enersection.io
Co-Host of the Millennial Investing Podcast @TIP_network - Sharing my thoughts on financial markets, #Bitcoin, and personal development
Co-founder & CEO @KrakenFX Founder @VergeArt Former pro player @Wizards_Magic #VirtualGoods🎮 Peddler since 2001 #NFT🖼️ Hoarder #Bitcoin Enthusiast Taken💎👫
Panelist for selecting the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year. Regular contributor to Project Syndicate, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Fortune/CNN, and Foreign Policy. Author of two New York Times Best Sellers. Co-chairs the capital campaign for Cambridge University. Appointed Senior Global Fellow at The Lauder Institute and part-time Professor of Practice at The Wharton School.