80% of your website visitors will never make it past your headlines

This makes them inevitable to improve your conversion rate.

Here are 12 formulas for writing engaging headlines:
Formula #1: Differentiate Your Product x Why Your Product
Formula #2: Simplify What It Is x Simplify Why It's Different
Formula #3: Use An Analogy To Fuel Why It's Different
Formula #4: List The Benefits X Infuse Alliteration
Formula #5: State The Value Proposition
Formula #6: Contrast x Compliment
Formula #7: Position x Create Your Own Race
Formula #8: Introduce The Product x Say What It Does
Formula #9: Value Creation x Tackle The Objection Behind It
Formula #10: Define The Outcome x Explain What Creates The Outcome
Formula #11: Be Specific x Add Your Hook
Formula #12: State The Pain Point x Add The Wanted Desire
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