warning: Nerdy-ass Saturday night musing

Been trying to think of a framework to apply to determine which technology markets will likely consolidate in the next 12-18 months

Here's the 2x2 I've come up with which I'll explain in coming tweets

LMK what you think
My plan was to move to Argentina, run a business with 1000 subscribers,

and work 4 hours per week. I failed.

ButcherBox now does ~$600M in revenue. And we did it by doing things

differently. Here are 10 of the core differences between us and others! ✍️👇🧵
Tech employees from private "growth stage" companies ($1B to $10B+ valuations) are in a tricky position with their stock options/grants

Most public market comparisons have dropped > 50%+ over the past year

What should these employees be thinking and doing with their equity?
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