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5 recommended podcasts with Naval Ravikant

“ Here are 5 must-listen podcasts featuring @naval.” – Alex

JRE #1309 covers:

• The difference between being rich & being financially independent

• Why happiness is a choice & desire leads to suffering

• The age of knowledge work & how it will transform how we work

• The automation revolution & UBI

TKP #18 covers:

• Naval's passion for reading and how he reads books

• What books Naval recommends reading

• The importance of your habits and how they affect your life

• Why exercise has been Naval's most impactful habit

SPGR #5 covers:

• The ideal life and self-love

• The 4 main problems in life (money, relationships, health, happiness)

• Why legacy doesn't matter

• Why you should fix your house before trying to fix the world

TFS #473 covers:

• The importance of meditation and how to reduce your anxiety

• The process of self-examination and how to better know yourself

• Naval's thoughts on cryptocurrency

• Why the ultimate life hack is to play long-term games

How To Get Rich covers:

• An in-depth podcast by Naval into his famous Twitter thread

• Learn why you won't get rich renting out your time

• Why you should seek wealth over status

• How to use leverage and productive yourself to build wealth