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Founder of the Campaign For a Green Nuclear Deal 🌱⚛️🤝
Policy & Research Manager @sascampaigns Often in the Sea
Executive Director at On Pack Recycling Label. Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and resource sector. Strong professional skilled in Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business, Circular Economy and Policy. Track record of delivering practical advice to business, governments, trade associations and NGOs. Experienced at writing, reviewing and delivering EU and other grants. In demand speaker and extensive contributor to a number of media outlets. Strong international links and extensive networks.
Paul S Phillips mainly focuses on Waste management, Operations management, Municipal solid waste, Grande bretagne and Radioactive contamination. His work on Bioreactor landfill, Landfill gas utilization and Leachate as part of general Waste management study is frequently linked to Landfill tax, therefore connecting diverse disciplines of science. His Operations management study incorporates themes from Public participation, Sustainable waste management, Zero waste, Environmental economics and Sustainable practices. In his research, Minimisation is intimately related to Waste minimisation, which falls under the overarching field of Environmental economics. His Municipal solid waste research includes elements of Theory of planned behavior, Purchasing, Reuse and Energy consumption. His Radioactive contamination research incorporates themes from Archaeology, Cave, Seasonality and Environmental protection.
School of Law and Accountancy, University College, UK Michele Tonglet: is Senior Lecturer in Marketing Communications and Internet Marketing at University College Northampton. The research on which this article is based was conducted as part of her PhD, awarded by Leicester University in February 2000, which investigates shoplifting as aberrant consumer behaviour. She obtained a first class honours degree in marketing with accounting from De Montfort University, Leicester in 1995. Prior to taking her degree, she worked in the insurance industry and ran her own retail business.