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Stories, stats & scatterplots for @FinancialTimes | Mainly Covid for now | Visiting senior fellow @LSEdataScience | | #dataviz
Tweets on investing/entrepreneurship/building in public. Building my own business empire w/ 7 business so far built, bought or incubated.
The first word in business news. Our newsletters: Our podcasts: The Big Take podcast:
A sport/music guy from a macro-finance background Sprezzatura always. On a list of Sportsbiz influencers. Co-host of AYNE podcast All opinions are my IP only
Bitcoin has passed the critical mass threshold. It is now a self-fulfilling, snowballing network effect that will eat M3 + SoV portion of Gold, RE, Art, etc
Senior Fellow at Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institute, Director, Ford Dorsey Masters in Intl Policy @StanfordCDDRL Instagram: francis.fukuyama