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RiskReversal Media co-founder • @CNBCFastMoney contributor • @Fidelity #InTheMoney contributor • @OnTheTapePod @_TradingSpaces • Thoughts Mine, Prayers Yours
Guy Adami is an American trader, TV personality, and professional investor. He is one of the original “Fast Money Five” on CNBC's Fast Money.
Investor (looking for the next Big Short)/Inventor (BlackJack Side-Bet Games)/Skeptic (student of Behavioral Finance)/Hedonist; not Investment advice
My Mission: To Spread Financial Wellness I tweet about money, investing, and self-improvement Get My Investing Checklist ➜ http://brianferoldi.com/checklist
Trying to bring some common sense to the world of finance. Book: http://amzn.to/1FmQOXf Podcast: http://awealthofcommonsense.com/podcast/
Christopher Mayer is an author, former banker and investor. Mayer is a veteran of the banking industry, in the area of corporate lending. A financial writer since 1998, Mayer's essays have appeared in a wide variety of publications, from the Mises.org. Daily Article series to The Daily Reckoning. He was the editor of Mayer's Special Situations, and Capital and Crisis from 2004 to January 2016.In 2016, he joined Bonner & Partners to launch the Bonner Private Portfolio. In 2019, he started Woodlock House Family Capital, a hedge fund. https://www.woodlockhousefamilycapital.com/ Mayer has published several books including The World Right side up: Investing Across Six Continents with foreword by Bill Bonner, Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets from a Former Banking Insider with foreword by Addison Wiggin and 100 Baggers: Stocks That Return 100-To-1 and How to Find Them.His book How Do You Know? won the SI Hayakawa book prize in 2019 https://www.generalsemantics.org/2019/09/16/how-do-you-know-by-christopher-mayer-awarded-the-2019-s-i-hayakawa-book-prize/ Mayer is often quoted in the media and has had appearances on MarketWatch, Forbes, Fox Business Network, CNN Radio and CNBC.
My best macro insights & investment ideas are in my free newsletter The Macro Compass. Former Head of a $20bn Investment Portfolio, now Head of FinTwit Macro.
Managing Partner & CIO, @atreidesmgmt. Formerly Fidelity OTC Fund. No investment advice, views my own. https://gavin-baker.medium.com
CEO @BetterBooch / Host @ The Investor’s Podcast • We Study Billionaires/ #bitcoin
Founder, CEO and CIO @ARKinvest. Thematic portfolio manager for disruptive innovation, mom, economist, and women's advocate. Disclosure: http://bit.ly/1C5DBVL

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