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CSO @paddlehq (founder @profitwell). Tweet about #SaaS and #DTC subscriptions. Investor @pipe @italic @liquiddeath @niradotcom and others.
Henry S. (Hank) Warren, Jr., an American computer scientist and IBM research fellow, best known as author of Hacker's Delight, a groundbreaking book on all the programming tricks and bit-twiddling, which also influenced chess programming, especially in manipulating bitboards. Hank received his Ph.D. in computer science from the Courant Institute at New York University. Since 1973 he has been with IBM's Research Division, focusing on compilers and computer architectures.
Psychology major turned SWE • Jnr ➜ Eng Manager in 4.5 years • Daily insights in programming and tech • Building LevelUpCoding and @CreatorAmp w/ @ChrisStaud
Founded things like Fog Creek, Trello, Stack Overflow, and Glitch.
@variantfund. crypto, startups, music,💡 previously @a16z, @spotify, founder @mediachain_, artist mgr @coolmanagers.