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Finance, Schelling Points, lost causes, reading more than the abstract, urbanization. Married to the former Foursquare Mayor of the Union Square Babies-R-Us
Professor, author, and podcast host. Known for her work on shame, vulnerability, and leadership. TEDx speaker and author of six number-one New York Times bestselling books. Hosted two podcasts on Spotify.
Social psychologist, author, and speaker. Proponent of "power posing" technique. Faculty member at Rutgers University, Kellogg School of Management, and Harvard Business School. Developed stereotype content model.
Interested in super-exponential growth, the future of money, and accelerating innovation.
I write Culture Study & wrote CAN’T EVEN: HOW MILLENNIALS BECAME THE BURNOUT GENERATION. Speaking: @prhspeakers IG: annehelenpetersen // email: same @ gmail
I use data analysis to write about investing/personal finance for https://t.co/lMSb6AGN3V. Pronounced Ma-Julie. My IG: https://t.co/CwFHjy1HWw