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Historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago. Leading interpreter of religious experience, established paradigms in religious studies. Notable contributions include the theory of hierophanies and the theory of eternal return.
Karl Barth was a Swiss Reformed theologian.
Author: The Rise of the New Puritans & Unjust: https://www.amazon.com/Noah-Rothman/e/B07NL6YJHZ%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns Editor @Commentary. Contributor @MSNBC.
Bestselling author of 7 books, including 'The Madness of Crowds'. Associate Ed. @Spectator. Columnist @NYPost and @TheSun
Christian author and former investigative journalist. Has written several books, including award-winning ones, addressing challenges to the veracity of Christianity. Hosted a television program called Faith Under Fire and runs a video apologetics website.
English author and popular historian. Published best-selling books on classical and medieval history, and the origins of Islam.