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Ph.D in biomedical science/expert on nutritional health, brain & aging.
Film director, screenwriter, and producer known for directing sports drama films, historical dramas, and crime thrillers. Notable works include The Rookie, The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks, The Founder, The Alamo, The Highwaymen, The Little Things, and Mr. Harrigan's Phone.
Science journalist, author of The Big Fat Surprise, advocate for nutrition policy based on rigorous science, mom.
Writer and journalist with a background in applied physics and aerospace engineering. Has written for Discover, Science, and other magazines, with a shift in focus towards medicine and nutrition.
Insights on health, habits, and high performance from a 10-year entrepreneur.
Conducted dental research on the relationship between endodontic therapy and pulpless teeth and broader systemic disease, known as focal infection theory.