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Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He is a two-time winner of the Best in Business Award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, winner of the New York Times Sidney Award, and a two-time finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.
Author of The #Bitcoin Standard, out in 24 languages. Working on the sequel, The Fiat Standard & an economics textbook. Subscribe to receive new chapters weekly
Founder & CEO @ Parallax Digital; a Bitcoin-focused hedge fund and consultancy.
Entrepreneur, Tech Leader, Author of @priceoftomorrow - Why Deflation Is the Key to an Abundant Future, Strategic Advisor, & Proud Family Man.
Born in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 4, 1965, Saylor spent his early years on various Air Force bases before settling in Fairborn, Ohio.
Son of Sir James Fergusson, 8th Baronet of Kilkerran. Journalist and former Diplomatic Correspondent for the Glasgow Herald.