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Materials scientist & engineer; Director of the UCL Institute of Making; Author of Stuff Matters and other books; Occasional tv/radio presenter.
Mark A. Levinson is an American film director. He directed the 2013 documentary Particle Fever and the 2019 documentary The Bit Player.
Jonathan is a University Lecturer in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College where he chairs the Environment Committee.
Julian Allwood is Professor of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Cambridge. He worked for 10 years for Alcoa, prior to developing an academic career, initially at Imperial College, and from 2000 in Cambridge. In parallel with developing new manufacturing technologies for metals, he has built up a research group looking at environmental systems and production. From 2009-13 he held an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship, to explore ‘material efficiency’ as a climate mitigation strategy – delivering material services with less new material. This led to publication in 2012 of the book “Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open” which can be read online at www.withbotheyesopen.com, listed by Bill Gates as one of his top six reads of 2015. A revised edition "Sustainable Materials: without the hot air" has now been released.
James Edward Gordon (UK, 1913–1998) was one of the founders of materials science and biomechanics, and a well-known author of three books on structures and materials, which have been translated in many languages and are still widely used in schools and universities.

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