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A sport/music guy from a macro-finance background Sprezzatura always. On a list of Sportsbiz influencers. Co-host of AYNE podcast All opinions are my IP only
Director of @britishfuture on identity issues. Dad of 4. Evertonian. Author of "How to be a Patriot" http://tinyurl.com/4bxy92ta Out in May 2023 @HarperNorthUK
Syndicated op-ed columnist @washingtonpost, commentator @cnn, special correspondent @newshour. Previously econ/theater NYT. Econ, immigration, tax, politics etc
Reporter for @nytimes, Author of A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves: One Family and Migration in the 21st Century (Viking, August 2019)
Born in Portugal. Master's Degree in American Culture. Columnist on Medium. Concerned about gender issues and social injustices.
Economist of inequality, development, and history. Reader in Economics of Development, KCL, blogging at https://crookedtimber.org/