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Adventures With Anxiety · The Evolution of Trust · We Become What We Behold · Parable of the Polygons · Coming Out Simulator (any pronoun's fine🦄)
Research Scientist @MPI_evolbio. Lecturer @HarvardEcon. Tweets on: peculiarities of human social behavior + (subtle) incentives at play. Uses game theory.
Research Scientist @MITSloan. Director @MIT_ACT. Lecturer @HarvardEcon. Motivating people to do good.
Long volatility and short abstraction, seeing capital and political markets through lenses of game theory and history. Like all coyotes, I’m too clever by half.
Professor at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Economics in the Age of COVID-19. Chief Economist of Creative Destruction Lab
powerlanguage. I created Place and The Button @reddit. And more recently Wordle.
📖 Author of @xGPhilosophy | 📈 Commercial at @Oddschecker and @WhoScored
Community-sourced ML research feed. Submissions: feed.ykilcher.com
Documentary filmmaker, THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF and MAGNUS
Eric Zimmerman (born 1969) is a game designer and the co-founder and CEO of Gamelab, a computer game development company based in Manhattan. GameLab is known for the game Diner Dash. Each year Zimmerman hosts the Game Design Challenge at the Game Developers Conference. He is also the co-author of four books including Rules of Play with Katie Salen, which was published in November 2004. Eric Zimmerman has written at least 24 essays and whitepapers since 1996, mostly pertaining to game development from an academic standpoint. He's currently a founding faculty at the NYU Game Center.

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