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Advocate for increased use of natural resources through modernization and technological development. Often advocates for nuclear power and urbanization. Criticized by environmental scientists and academics, praised by popular press.
Senior fellow @Cmmonwealth | The Value of a Whale out with @ManchesterUP in July | thinkin’ about ecological collapse
Samantha Gross is a fellow and director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative. Her work is focused on the intersection of energy, environment, and policy, including climate policy and international cooperation, energy efficiency, unconventional oil and gas development, regional and global natural gas trade, and the energy-water nexus.
writing and charts at Commodity Context | investing at Price Street | former bank economist | markets, code, barbecue
Staff writer @heatmap_news | energy, environment, climate | obsessed with buildings | previously @grist @WHYY @mit_sciwrite (she/her)
nuclear energy is clean energy 💎 in a simulation founder of @i_sodope_ @ZodiacMgmt