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Edward Chancellor is a financial historian, journalist and investment strategist. In 2008, he joined GMO’s asset allocation team. He graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge with first class honours in Modern History, and from St Antony's College, Oxford with a Masters of Philosophy in Modern History. He is a former deputy US editor for Breakingviews.com, and worked for Lazard Brothers in the early 1990s. He is a columnist for Financial Times and has written for numerous other publications.
CEO & author of New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. 1 million readers on business, money, careers, & psychology. http://instagram.com/ramit
Finance, Schelling Points, lost causes, reading more than the abstract, urbanization. Married to the former Foursquare Mayor of the Union Square Babies-R-Us
Charles Thomas Munger (born January 1, 1924) is an American investor, businessman, former real estate attorney, architectural designer, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett; Buffett has described Munger as his partner. Munger served as chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation from 1984 through 2011. He is also chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, based in Los Angeles, California, and a director of Costco Wholesale Corporation.
International man of history. Author, broadcaster, @HooverInst senior fellow. Latest book is The Square and the Tower (Penguin, October 2017)
Carlota Perez (Spanish: Carlota Pérez; born September 20, 1939 in Caracas) is a British-Venezuelan scholar specialized on technology and socio-economic development. She researches the concept of Techno-Economic Paradigm Shifts and the theory of great surges, a further development of Schumpeter's work on Kondratieff waves. In 2012 she was awarded the Silver Kondratieff Medal by the International N. D. Kondratieff Foundation.
🏖️ Semi-retired entrepreneur, vegan, author (Millionaire Fastlane/Unscripted) founder of http://TheFastlaneForum.com, join 70K+ entrepreneurs who are winning at life.
Co-Founder of ERIC (Electronic Research Interchange)
FI blogger most noted for The Stock Series. Author of The Simple Path to Wealth.
Michael J. Mauboussin (born February 1964) is Head of Consilient Research at Counterpoint Global. Previously, he was Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital and Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse, where he advised clients on valuation and portfolio positioning, capital markets theory, competitive strategy analysis, and decision making. He is also an adjunct professor of finance at the Columbia Business School and chairman of the board of trustees at the Santa Fe Institute.
Jeffrey McDonald Chandor (born November 24, 1973), better known as J. C. Chandor (), is an American film director, producer and screenwriter, best known for writing and directing the films Margin Call (2011), All Is Lost (2013), A Most Violent Year (2014) and Triple Frontier (2019).

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