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Tweet on Current Affairs & Public Policy !! Data Science Intern !! SQL !! Python !! Machine learning !! PowerBI !! Excel !! Tableau
The Database Guy. I am helping you get better with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Database slow? Hire me! Building: @stackbricksapp https://t.co/Yfe8XeSBfg https://t.co/Dl209uqGom
✨ critical inquiry with & about data/methods/infrastructures 🌿 @kingsdh @publicdatalab @digitalmethods @medialab_scpo 🐘 @jwyg@post.lurk.org 🏮 客家人 #hakka
Received bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University. Worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the intelligence community. Attended Stanford University, earning Masters and PhD in computer science. Co-founded Illuminics Systems and developed OpenFlow. Doctorate received from Northern Arizona University in 2017.
Mathematics graduate from MIT in 2007. Started a Ph.D. program in Statistics at Duke University in 2010, but went on leave in 2011.