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Presidential Young Professor and an Assistant Professor of Finance at the National University of Singapore. Before joining NUS, he was postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University. He completed him PhD at Warwick Business School in 2018. Him research focuses on finance, macroeconomics, and political economy.
Senior Editor at Bloomberg @business. Previously 29 yrs @FT Englishman in New York. Mexicanophile. Red Sox forever. Views mine except RTs Please sign up below:
Martin J. Gruber Professor Professor of Finance @NYUStern, Co-Editor @J_Fin_Economics
Associate Professor of Finance, @NYUStern
Austrian School economist and adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute. Founder of Applied Austrian School Economics, providing assessments and reports on financial markets and global economies.
PhD Economics @Cambridge_Uni thanks to @Gates_Cambridge | Macro + Inequality + Productivity | @BalliolOxford alum