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NYTimes bestselling author of STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST and other books. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter & log off this hellsite: http://austinkleon.com/newsletter
👨‍⚕️ Doctor, 🧪 YouTuber, 🎙 Podcaster @noverthinking
CMO @ https://t.co/je4Wpfb43I • Building @sayfloat • Follow me to see how to do marketing for your projects
Founder of @artblocks_io. Creator of the Squiggle. Art + Blockchains keep me busy. Shoutout to @larvalabs for lighting the fuse.
CEO @WorkweekInc | Tweets about building a modern media business | ❤️ @jessvalle | Prev: LightShed Ventures, TCG @TheHustle @UnderArmour @Spiceworks @RedBull
I tweet honest stories about entrepreneurship, education, and tech. Co-founder Udemy. Now building a cohort-based courses (CBC) platform with @wes_kao
Maker. Exploring my curiosity at the intersection of tech & the creator economy. Working @beondeck's No-Code Fellowship. Love newsletters. https://t.co/YNGpctkuYO
Silicon Valley entrepreneur (TrialPay, Yub, Affirm, Point, TXN, etc), investor (General Partner @a16z), husband, father, and sarcast (one who is sarcastic)
Lost job, found Twitter | Now helping other creators leverage social media content to grow their audience and businesses | Building https://t.co/DWJ2yoCt18
Tweets on marketing and content. VP Marketing for @sparktoro. Contributor for @Adweek. Previously @growthmachine__ and @fitbit. Graduated @LeCordonBleuInt.

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