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Danish author and president of the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center. Former director of the Danish government's Environmental Assessment Institute. Known for his book "The Skeptical Environmentalist".
Professor in women's studies and the history of science. First tenured professor in feminist theory in the United States. Contributions to the study of human-machine and human-animal relations. Award-winning author of "Modest_Witness" and "Primate Visions".
Canadian atmospheric scientist. Paul Whitfield Horn Distinguished Professor and an Endowed Chair in Public Policy and Public Law at Texas Tech University. Chief Scientist at the Nature Conservancy.
Journalist, author, and visiting fellow at Williams College. Best known for her Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History and as an environmental observer and commentator for The New Yorker magazine.
Writer, filmmaker, teacher; historian of science, medicine, and the environment. Author of Empire of Rubber (Oct. 2021)
British broadcaster, biologist, natural historian, and author. Best known for writing and presenting the nine natural history documentary series forming the Life collection.