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Analyst at @rhodium_group covering China and technology. ChinaTalk podcast: http://link.chtbl.com/_znJBJCk Newsletter: http://chinatalk.substack.com Fellow: @cnasdc
China stocks, rates, fx, credit and macro for @business in Hong Kong. Alum of @LSEnews @warwickuni. Views / retweets mine. Sou alfacinha e falo português 🇵🇹
Super proud mama of an aspiring writer. @WSJ Chief China Correspondent. Coauthor w/@bobdavis187 of “Superpower Showdown."
CFR senior fellow. Views are my own. Retweets are not endorsements. Writes on sovereign debt and capital flows.
Assistant Professor of Economics @UMass | book HOW CHINA ESCAPED SHOCK THERAPY | PhD New School, PhD Cambridge | Winner of 2021 Joan Robinson Prize
Alfred Chandler Chair of Political Economy @JohnsHopkins | 💬 of day: "Be the person your younger self needed"