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I talk about Web Development, No-code, Personal Growth to help you stay ultra-modern. Building @wotnot_io • Scaling @MarutiTech • Author of
AI prompt enthusiast | 9→5 : Product manager building AI & ML products | 5→9: Helping you leverage AI to grow your business
I write about no-code, personal growth, and businesses to help you level up.
Computer scientist, physicist, and businessman. Known for his work in computer science, mathematics, and theoretical physics. Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.
Sharing insights on AI, Tech Tools, Online Business, & Productivity • Helping people get into Tech & Building Audience on how to earn online with Digital Skills
Creator @datasetteproj, co-creator Django. PSF board. @nichemuseums. Hangs out with @natbat + @cleopaws. He/Him. Mastodon: