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A decision neuroscientist, working on brain processes underlying decision making (Professor @ChariteBerlin & Head of dep @Leibniz_DIfE), my personal opinions
Ted Nordhaus (born 1966) is an American author and the director of research at The Breakthrough Institute. He has co-edited and written a number of books, including Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility (2007) and An Ecomodernist Manifesto (2015) with collaborator Michael Shellenberger. The two were described by Slate as "ecomodernists," while the authors have described themselves as the "bad boys" of environmentalism. Like Shellenberger, Nordhaus generally advocates for increased use of natural resources through an embrace of modernization, technological development, and increasing U.S. capital accumulation, usually through a combination of nuclear power and urbanization. Many of his positions have been debated by environmental scientists and academics.
Sam Bankman-Fried (born March 6, 1992) is the founder and CEO of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange. He also manages assets through Alameda Research, a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm he founded in October 2017.
Author of New York Times Bestseller, THIRST. Founder, CEO of @charitywater - http://charitywater.org/btc
food editor, bloomberg news. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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