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Former senior fed trader
RiskReversal Media co-founder • @CNBCFastMoney contributor • @Fidelity #InTheMoney contributor • @OnTheTapePod @_TradingSpaces • Thoughts Mine, Prayers Yours
Son of Nancy C. and the deceased Guy M. Adami.
Investor (looking for the next Big Short)/Inventor (BlackJack Side-Bet Games)/Skeptic (student of Behavioral Finance)/Hedonist; not Investment advice
President of Bianco Research LLC. We specialize in macro analysis for institutional investors. biancoresearch.eth
Video journalist and macro research @Blockworks_. Chart guy. Formerly: @RealVision @dealbreaker @TheTerminal @BrownUniversity
Chief Fatalist at Concoda Capital. Geopolitical and financial market forecastings. Monetary plumbing buff. DALLE Avatar (yep). “You’re no angel” — @profplum99
Chief Strategy Officer: @HRF + @OsloFF. Faculty: @SingularityU. Friend of democracy, civil liberties, Bitcoin. Foe of tyranny and the surveillance state.
interests: space, monetary policy, creators, tiktok, bikes Writing + YouTube:
reformed hedge-fund manager + ex-@yale hockey | cfa | @cornell fintech + private investments | #btc
CIO at @UnlimitedFnds | PM of $HFND | Fmr IC @Bridgewater | all comments are personal views and not investment advice