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Analyst at @ArcaneResearch. Covering: #Bitcoin, mining and some shitcoins.
dangerous epistemic trespasser
Philosopher. Environmentalist. Bitcoiner.
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EVP of Power, Lancium LLC 15+ Years of Energy Trading Decarbonizing the Grid w/ Highly Flexible Controllable Loads #Bitcoin Mining = Energy Transition
Cypherpunk · CTO @CasaHODL
Covering tech @CNBC | Former @CNN in Hong Kong & NY with @FareedZakaria & @AndersonCooper | DMs open
🌏 #Bitcoin ESG Analyst | Clean Tech Fund Manager
I give out free Bitcoin | Passionate about btc in africa since ‘19 | Journalist @cointelegraph | 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 | ⚡️
#Bitcoin Research Analyst at @River
Power systems & #bitcoin mining