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Author of "The Blocksize War"
dangerous epistemic trespasser
technology reporter @nytimes; author of Digital Gold, a history of Bitcoin;; dm me for signal or pgp
Follow me for insights on #Bitcoin history. Editor @krakenfx | Editor @BitcoinMagazine | Thoughts and opinions are my own
Princeton prof. I use Twitter to share my research & commentary on surveillance capitalism, infosec, cryptocurrencies, AI ethics, tech policy, & academic life.
Mostly Bitcoin stuff. Technical editor @BitcoinMagazine. Cohost @debitcoinshow.
CEO @BullBitcoin_ @mybylls. Founder @cyphernode_io Bitcoin Embassy 2013-2017 Building Bitcoin Infrastructure Pleb/Chad/King Bitcoin Remnant Preacher
Researching on voting systems, TLS, Bitcoin, panic passwords and other topics in applied cryptography
Live and breathe Bitcoin/blockchain and tweet my thoughts. @CalBlockchain ex-Prez, ex-paid @lightning shill, @UCBerkeley CS&Econ, currently contributing @wef
Adamant Research is a financial and economic research firm focused primarily on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Capital Management Software for Routing Nodes⚡️#Bitcoin (