1/ How we booked meetings with 50%+ of the Executives we prospected at Outreach

80% of our business at Outreach came from Outbound prospecting. We got really really good at it rather than waiting for the inbound leads to pour in:
2/ 99% of people will go straight for the ask:

"Pitch. Pitch. Pitch. Ask for 30 minutes".

Have you seen exec calendars?


You gotta think of sales as a series of small YESes.

Ask yourself, what's a small yes that would benefit THEM...

I'll give you a hint...
3/ Podcasts.

Execs understand the benefits of a podcast.

• Gets their name out there
• Creates marketing material for them
• Makes them feel important
• Helps them get in front of your clients

So what did we do?

We created "The Podcast Play".

Let's dive in...
4/ Ask your dream executives if they'd like to be on your podcast.

If you have a large podcast, it's easy.

If you don't, sell them on the benefits:

• Reach of X people
• Target audience of X people
• Recording goes out to list of XXX people

This is a "small yes" you want.
5/ The exec will build a relationship with the host of the pod.

You'll want to brief the host on your objectives:

• Size of account
• Hypothesis on priorities of exec
• What questions you want host to ask

And then the most crucial part...

Give your host a closing CTA...
6/ The closing CTA is your next small yes

Some options:

• Ask the exec to meet with another exec at your co.
• Ask exec if your solution could fit an area they discussed

And this is where you'll trust your host...

They'll ideally need to have some sales chops themselves.
7/ A good podcast conversation is more likely to get a "yes" as a next step

So once again:

Be clear on the ask from your podcast host.

Please don't leave it up to chance.
8/ Your company may not have a podcast yet.

That's OK.

Think about how you can weave a podcast into your content strategy.

Podcasts are a great content anchor

You can use them to create:

• short forms vids
• threads
• posts
There you have a playbook on how to use your company podcast to get a meeting with your dream executives.

The companies that understand outbound in the 2020s will win.

This is one of many playbooks I have coming for y'all.

Hasta luego 🙏
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