The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World

Number of Pages: 487

ISBN: 0670022756

ISBN-13: 9780670022755

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That’s my favorite book

Unsurprisingly I recommend (1) “The Fabric of Reality” (2) “The Beginning of Infinity” by @DavidDeutschOxf . Concurrently watch his talks on YouTube (see @dela3499’s playlist here [link] ) Then if you need more: read Popper for philosophy, Feynman for physics.

The Beginning of Infinity, Chapter 15. Better yet, read the whole book (slowly and carefully).

I've referred to myself as a 'Rational Optimist' (which I think implies the need for skepticism) since first reading @DavidDeutschOxf's "The Beginning of Infinity" which I've recently reread and recommend highly.

Finally, someone nominates Beginning of Infinity! What a great book.

A deep theory of why humanity is destined to make progress may be found in David Deutsch’s dazzling The Beginning of Infinity. Deutsch presents science as a force for betterment, since it impels us to explain the world while forcing us to acknowledge our fallibility.

Deutsch has an important message . . . that our destiny is to be explainers of the world around us, and explaining is the key to our mastery. . . . He writes clearly and thinks wisely. His book could help the world toward better ways of dealing with its problems.