He meant to start social media marketing.

Ignoring it cost him $15,000 a month.

Then, he quietly admitted he didn’t know how to start.

So steal this basic guide I made him (& avoid admitting you don’t know too):

This guy runs a $1M service business.

But these basics apply to any business.

He called me a few weeks ago to help him get customers, FAST.

So here's what I told him:
Step 1: Write how you have the best solution for your customer

• One customer
• One pain
• How you solve it
• Better than other options

If these 4 points aren't clear in your content, they can reach millions, but customers won't buy

Here's how: 👇
Step 2: Post where your customer is

Platforms have diff. people:
• LinkedIn - employees at larger companies
• Twitter - startups and tech companies
• Instagram/TikTok - consumer products
• YouTube/Facebook - broader audiences

Focus on one at the start.

Expand later.
Step 3: Choose a personal vs business account

The main difference: Who owns the traffic - you or your business?

Own the traffic yourself if you want your marketing efforts spread to other businesses.

Let your business own the traffic if you want to sell your business
Step 4: Share insights on customer problems

Choose topics related to your customer problem (my own topics below).

Then you'll post about each topic through different angles (here's a few examples):
• Quote
• Story
• Stat
• Tip
Step 5: Find peers

Customers can't find your ideas if no one shares them

So you NEED others in your niche to share your ideas with customers

Peers need two traits:
• A decent-sized audience
• An audience full of your potential customers
The best way to connect with peers:

Search for accounts related to your topic. Add the accounts to a Twitter list

The list will share their posts. Leave 3 thoughtful comments

The 4th time - DM them instead

Make it about helping them and offer more info on a video call
Step 6: Just post

Writing 1 post will teach you more than reading 10 books on how to do it.

Good news:
• If your content is bad, no one shares
• If your content is good, everyone shares

So just post, be consistent, and learn from every post.
Twitter threads make a great summary.

But if you're getting started you'll want the full guide to walk you through your first steps.

Here's the full guide (for $0): 👇

How to take your first steps in online marketing:
• Decide personal vs business account
• Choose social platform
• Clarify your message
• Choose topics
• Find peers
• Just post
That's a wrap!

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