ChatGPT is a FREE employee.

But most people don't know how to use it to superpower their marketing.

Here are 8 ways ChatGPT can save you thousands of marketing hours in 2023:
Build an Ideation Machine

Coming up with content topics can be super hard.

But ChatGPT can accelerate your ideation process:

• Ask them to brainstorm a list of ideas around *topic*
• Pick an item in the list to dive into unique insights

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Iterate on Hook Formats

Social media is all about capturing attention:

• For Twitter threads, your hook delivers 90% of the virality
• For TikToks, your first 3-5 seconds define the total view count

But how can you use ChatGPT to improve your hooks?
Here's the process:

• Find the top 5-7 hook formats in your niche
• Copy and paste them into ChatGPT
• Ask ChatGPT to spit out other refined hooks you can use to test

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Grow Your SEO Skillset

ChatGPT won't make you an SEO consultant.

But you can easily accomplish basic tasks (and save $$ on expensive tools):

• Build keyword lists
• Quickly reduce research time
• Summarize articles to create meta descriptions

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Marketing Material Outlines

The biggest mistake in online writing:

Starting with a blank page.

Before, you would endlessly research.

Now ChatGPT improves that process.

Type "learn" and paste the URL you want to "research" (blog post, science journal, etc.)
Then, it has the context to generate:

• Ad copy
• Blog headlines
• TikTok scripts
• Cold email templates
• Above-the-fold landing page copy

After that:

• Pass it to a copywriter
• Refine it with human touch
• Make sure the tone is on brand

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Substitute for Google Search

ChatGPT is not the outright winner in all circumstances.

But here are some of the pros:

• Explains complex topics like I'm 5
• Ability to ask targeted follow-ups
• Better at completing niche asks (ie. Generate a list of 10 x topics)
Think Like a Consumer

Native grew to a $100M company by building for customer needs found in Amazon reviews.

ChatGPT can learn to embody a consumer group and voice their needs.

It's not perfect.

But can provide an accurate gauge of:

• Key pains
• Common outlooks

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Landing Page Copy

Constructing a landing page can be daunting.

These elements are a must:

• Attention-grabbing headline
• Emotional benefits
• Who it’s for

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Operationalize Outreach

A tedious but core part of business growth:

Sending cold outreach.

You can have ChatGPT spin up different emails for:

• Different customer groups (ie. Fintech v. Healthtech founders)
• Different experience levels (ie. VPs v. associates)

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