Last week, I was asked how I improved so quickly at writing.

My secret?

Studying the best email copywriters. I’ve signed up to 100s of lists so you don’t have to.

If you want to write well, here’re the best 10 I’ve found:
Ben Settle

The best writers build worlds for their audience, and nobody does it better than Ben.
Justin Goff

Justin makes millions per year from writing emails. Read him for a month and you’ll see why.
Ian Stanley

Another big earner, Ian is the perfect blend of humour and business.

(purchase required but it’s a great book)
Laura Belgray

If you want to write with personality, Laura is your gal.
Eddy Quan

Eddy was one of the first writers I subscribed to when I found Twitter. I still read his emails religiously.
Chris Orzechowski

Unapologetically, aggressively awesome. I bought Chris’s Email Copywriting Academy a year ago and it’s the most impactful purchase I’ve made.
Daniel Throssell

The most unique emails you’ll ever receive.
John Bejakovic

‘The most underrated email list in copywriting’ – John is one of my favourite storytellers. I can’t put my finger on why, but I never miss an email.
Kim Krause Schwalm

One of the most successful copywriters for a reason – Kim’s emails are packed with value.
Sean Anthony

Sean’s emails are a perfect blend of fun and business.
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