8 timeless marketing lessons from Steve Jobs:
Stories Sell

A solid story can inspire anyone.

That's why Steve Jobs instilled these core messages:

• Dream big
• Think different
• Change the world

And it works to this day.
Sell Outcomes, Not Features

The iPod doesn't just play music.

• It's music at your fingertips
• It's an artist in your hand
• It's mobile enjoyment

But most famously:

It's 1,000 songs in your pocket.
Represent Something

Apple laid the groundwork for its values.

• Impute (stand for something)
• Empathy (understanding)
• Focus (double down)

These values propelled Apple.

They gave you something to strive for (using their product).
Build True Fans

Jobs knew 2 things:

• Apple had an ambitious mission
• His early fans were passionate and outspoken

He doubled down using storytelling to build a movement.

It's why:

• There are thousands of Apple blogs
• Lines go out the door at every launch
Product-led Marketing

Apple's product creation is legendary.

Jobs understood legendary brands relied on product, not marketing.

Apple's culture is based on selling via their product:

• Not advertising
• Not packaging

Apple became intertwined with product excellence.
Locate the Enemy

Apple was a master of counter-positioning against the PC.

They created the legendary 1984 ad:

• Portrayed PC users as mindless drones
• PC associated with big brother character
• Apple portrayed as young, energetic and heroic
Convenience Captures the Market

Notice how easy it is to use Apple products:

• iCloud automatically syncs data
• AirPods seamlessly connect
• iPhones work out-of-box

0% friction, 100% enjoyment.

Drives massive FOMO as people champion the best features Apple has made.
Paint a Picture for the Audience

One of Apple's most famous ads depicts:

• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Muhammad Ali
• Einstein

Jobs called them "the crazy ones, the misfits, the troublemakers."

He inspired you, to aspire to be like them (and it worked).
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