HubSpot pioneered a lot of B2B marketing tactics

Here are 8 of my favourite that helped the company grow so fast 🧵
1/ Email Virality

I was amazed when joined HubSpot that emails to HubSpot’s database generated 15%+ of new contacts

Databases were for nurturing people to become qualified leads

HubSpot's content was so good people forwarded the landing page to colleagues, who downloaded it
2/ Own the internet for a day:

HubSpot thought big. Create an offer of such value; the internet would talk about it that day

Like when webinars were cool (2010), breaking the Guinness world record for most attendees.

The obsession with value drove a lot of the early success.
3/ Market with Friends:

When I joined HubSpot, there was a team called 'comarketing.' They were crushing it

They'd find partners with similar audiences, think of great campaigns and market together

Today, comarketing is still a big part of how HubSpot generates demand.
4/ Templates:

Sure, today, everyone is doing templates.

But HubSpot was one of the first to create easy templates for marketers on things they needed.

Back in the day, when published, some of these template offers drove so much demand they crashed our systems.
5/ Thank You Pages:

Our thank you pages after someone downloaded an offer got SO much traffic

We optimized the hell out of everything that got traffic. The quick wins. Those thank you page optimizations drove a lot of MQLs.

Master the quick wins and place long-term bets
6/ Be First:

HubSpot was one of the first B2B brands to lean big into social, especially Twitter

They hired people like Dan Zarrella to create unique and engaging content about the platform.

Early adopters eat first
7/ The Story:

HubSpot's early pitch was so good

Make Marketing people loved

The story resonated so much with the target market; it was transformational. It's why I joined.

An early example of deck here ->
8/ Don't be Afraid:

HubSpot was never afraid to try new things

Before joining HubSpot, I was a HubSpot TV fan. It was a YouTube show before its time (2010)

Experimenting with new platforms, content, and stories is such a critical part of growth
People think of HubSpot’s content’s SEO & machine

But, HubSpot didn’t focus on SEO until much later. All of the above came first

That’s what made HubSpot successful, they zagged when everyone else zigged

Today was my last day at HubSpot, what a journey!

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