I sold my 7-figure ad agency

Right before the market got too saturated and everyone declared “media buying dead”

Here are 5 agency niches you have never thought of that I would start in 2023 if I wanted to get in early on the next big agency wave (with playbooks):
1/ Newsletter Media Buying

As Facebook gets more and more expensive

(Which is inevitable since they are publicly traded & have to show Wall St growth every 90 days)

Brands are looking for places to diversify their customer acquisition budget and there for…
… newsletters present themselves as a unique customer acquisition channel that most brands don’t think about.

Making it a big opportunity for you!

Playbook: pick a niche like marketing or e-com, go to all the medium to small sized newsletters in the space and negotiate a…
… deal to get 10% off their normal prices and then you take 20% to 30% of whatever ad packages you sell for them

Then go to your clients and say we can get 10% off ads in these newsletters and help you pick which ones to be in cuz we know which ones drive customers
2/ Websites For Lawyers / Accountants

It’s not a “wave” and it’s not sexy but dam does this agency niche prints money! Why? Three reasons

+ lawyers and accountants have lots of money

+ most of them have no tech skills so they can’t / won’t build a website for themselves

+ most had a shit website built when they launched and never touched it since

Playbook :

Fire up Linkedin sales Nav

Search for law firms or accounting firms with under 50 employees who don’t have an in house marketer
Reach out to one of the partners and ask who the best person is to talk about updating their website

Pitch them on a flat $10k fee

Charge them $2k a year for hosting and unlimited “concierge” change requests aka adding a new team member to the team page whenever they want

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3/ Repurposing Content

Most people only have the skill set or bandwidth to create content for one social platform

You can use this to your advantage!

Create packages that say all you have to do is record Tik Toks and we will download them and post them to YT and…
… IG and then have a writer turn each Tik Tok into a tweet and LinkedIn post

OR all you have to do is right tweets and we’ll screenshot them for LinkedIn and IG and have someone do voiceovers of them and have a video editor make graphics for them for Tik Tok & IG & YT…

… Playbook:

Find content creators that are big on one platform but have no followers on others and slide into their DMs :)

Offer them a completely done for you service… pay us &3k/mo, give us access to your accounts, we’ll send you a report every 30 days, and that’s it!

4/ GA Data

This could be a productized agency so you will charge less and need more clients but it might be easier to scale

Just about every website has Google Analytics installed but they rarely check for the real insights it can provide

That’s where you…
… come in! You can share insights like what age demo is converting best or where people are dropping off on the site

Playbook: Charge brands a flat fee to comb through their Google Analytics and make a list of insights / recommendations

Have a weekly and monthly report package
5/ Unbounce

Less than 1% of every brand runs AB tests on their websites but AB testing remains the easiest way to increase your conversion rate & traffic

The good news is unbounce makes it super easy to run AB tests!


Convince brands to let you rebuild…
… their homepage (or any page for that matter) in unbounce and make small tweaks to see if you can get more clicks

Make a few changes every week depending on traffic volume and log the changes

Then recommend changes to the formal site in a monthly report

You can…
… charge a flat fee or I like taking a percent of the increase in revenue you will inevitably drive for them, which can become crazy lucrative

This is just a simplified “CRO Agency”

In summary

1. Newsletter Media Buying
2. Sites For Lawyers & Accountants
3. Repurposing Content
4. GA Data
5. Unbounce

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Unsexy businesses like Lawyers and Accountants - huge opportunity in such niches. Great share, Max and congrats on your success.