The key to marketing is not what you think.

In fact, extreme growth in world-changing companies,

doesn't come from marketing at all.

It comes from leadership.

And this truth is so well hidden from conventional marketers that,

it’s never even occurred to them.
I stumbled over this truth in 1994.

I built upon it and used it to build 2 multi-million $ businesses,

and guide several more.

So, I can tell you the real key to extreme growth:

If u want to win big, *your businesses must lead*.


Out there, in the marketplace.
The greatest business book ever written provided the reason why:

In “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”,

the1st law it states:

“The basic issue in marketing is not better products… The basic issue is *being 1st in a category*”

The Law also claimed that:

Neither better products, nor better brands create extreme growth

Only new categories in which you lead will create growth, scale and market domination.

No other thing will override category leadership

Because the leader in the category controls the game:

Coca Cola has controlled the cola category for a century

-Not because it’s the best cola ever made

-But because it was 1st brand into the category

Coca Cola continues to lead, own, control and dominate that category
Chrysler dominated the $ b minivan category for decades

-Not because it made the best minivans ever

-Not because it had the best brand

-But because it was 1st in the category

and was therefore able to control it

Chrysler still controls a major slice of the minivan market
To win big, u have to be 1st into the minds of the public for ur category.

More examples from the book:

HP was 1st into the laser-printer category

Tide -1st in the laundry detergent category

Gatorade -1st sports drinks

Dell -1st to sell direct

Miller Lite -1st light beer
Some category leaders took it to extremes.

Their names became synonymous with the category

=Total market dominance:


All of these were “first in”

= Leaders

Each followed the same pattern
This “1st in the category rule” works in all areas of life:

The 1st university in the US was Harvard
-Harvard is still the leading university

The 1st university in England was Oxford
-Oxford is still the leading university there
It also states that 2nd into the category is nowhere near as powerful

Neil Armstrong - 1st man on the moon
But who was the 2nd?

-Roger Bannister ran the 1st 4 min mile
Who ran the 2nd?

-Gatorade -1st in the sports drink category.
But what was the 2nd?
History shows:

Uncommon growth doesn’t come from brands, products

It comes from being 1st into and then leading new categories

To win big, ur business must lead

If the public perceives u as the category leader,

it drives sales by default and helps you dominate over time
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