From Chess to Marketing everything has patterns

90% of successful marketers are experts at pattern recognition

Pattern recognition is SIMPLE but not EASY

Here's how you can develop pattern recognition skills

1. Put in your 10,000 hours

Acc. to Malcolm Gladwell, reach the stage where pattern recognition has become second nature

It requires 10,000 hours of practice

Put in 10,000 hours, you'll see patterns in sleep
2. Study nature, art, and math

Patterns occur mostly in nature, art & math

Like the Fibonacci Sequence, the circuits of the planets, the tides, and the seasons

The greatest tutor in pattern recognition is around you
3. Find a left-brain hobby

I like to study different startups.

Great startups are all about pattern recognition

For you it might be doing crosswords, coding, or Sudoko – it doesn’t matter,

You'll soon be rewarded for the discovery of patterns.
4. Don’t read (much) in your own discipline

The patterns of the land are most plainly seen from 30,000 feet

It’s the same with your industry/niche.

Cultivate the mindset and perspective of an outsider.

You’ll see more, understand more, know more
5. Watch for shadows

Patterns are seen not in the decisions you make, but in the shadows they cast.

You know you have the makings of a pattern when two or more very different decisions cast a similar shadow.

Different actions, same shadow = Pattern
6. Do not get too involved

Perspective is essential for spotting the big patterns

It’s difficult to spot patterns when you’re too involved

Try to step back and look at the bigger picture

Learn to see things backward, inside out, and upside down
7. Consistency

Chess is the game of pattern recognition

Chess masters put in hours of rigorous practice developing pattern recognition

The way you practice is similarly important

Practice just outside your comfort zone & learn from experts
8. Study your decisions

The decision is a conscious choice between two or more alternatives

(i) How do the choices get created?

(ii) Do we sometimes make decisions without being aware that we are making them?

Pattern recognition plays a role in how we answer both questions
9. Study Situations

The same situation occurs many times in our lives

Document every major situation

Observe what you did previously

Soon you'll see a pattern
10. Document every BIG decision

Document your thoughts while taking the decision

Define all the reasons you had for making that decision

Soon you'll find patterns in your thought process

1. Put in your 10,000 hours
2. Study nature, art, and math
3. Find a left-brain hobby
4. Don’t read (much) in your own discipline
5. Watch for shadows
6. Do not get too involved
7. Consistency
8. Study your decisions
9. Study Situations
10. Document every BIG decision
That's all guys

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This is an amazing thread Gaurav! Pattern recognition skills is definitely a key after reading this thread!